Control Panel

NOTE: The main Control Panel help and FAQ files are available by logging in to Control Panel and clicking on the “Help” button in the menu bar.

NOTE: In rare cases (if you are logging in from behind a company firewall) you may have problems initially accessing your control panel. Please check with your company’s IT manager to allow access to port 2082.

The control panel, free with all web hosting accounts, is a user friendly graphical interface that allows quick and easy access to all of the features available with your particular hosting plan. The control panel feature automates processes that users must do manually with most other hosting services.

To access your control panel account manager, login in to the URL specified in your “Welcome Letter”. The URL for CPanel access will be or if your domain name is not pointing to our servers yet (please change the IP number to the one specified in your “Welcome Letter”).

Enter your user name and password when prompted.

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